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           Phuket-Krabi 2012
From 2.1.-13.2.2012 I escaped the cold winter in Tokyo and traveled to the southern part of Thailand to visit Phuket island and the Phang Nga and Krabi area east of Phuket with its impressive limestone rock formations. During that stay I also saw the James Bond island and the Kho Phi Phi islands. Beautiful beaches and landscape there. Renting a scooter or car to drive around is the best way to explore the vicinity. Otherwise you have always to negotiate about the transport fares with the taxi or motorbike drivers. Thai massages are really tough. They use their ellbows and knees on your back and painful muscle spots to make you whim for about 1h. If the massager was a professional one you feel better after it. If not you will feel pain in your back...